Our people are passionate about Kenana Knitters, we are a family that is made up of friend, neighbors and relatives. There are numerous threads that connect our knitters to each other and we all love being part of the team.


Kenana Knitters is empowering women in the local community by directly providing them with a source of income.

Kenana Knitters provides not only a fair wage but also, regular steady employment. We have created a space where the women are able to take charge of their own lives and build a brighter future for themselves and their families. We ensure that our knitters are treated with respect and dignity. 

So many of us have come to Kenana when we were completely desperate, we had reached a point where we didn't know where to go to find help. I was very lucky,  Paddy helped me and my child, and then she gave me a job.


Irine Akeno

I really thank Kenana for the support and for uplifting the local women. If it was not for the knitters many of us would be sitting idle at home.


Nancy Nyambura

As the oldest sibling;  after the death of my parents a lot of responsibilities  fell on me. I have been able to support my brothers and sisters through my work at Kenana and they are now all independent with families of their own.

Production Implementer & Knitter 

Hana Akai

I want to thank Paddy and Kenana Knitters. This work has helped me and my children in very many ways, my work that has enabled me to provide shelter, education, food and clothing for my children.


Lucy Muthoni

I encourage my fellow knitters to continue working hard and making Kenana

stronger. Kenana helps the women and their children in very many ways


Ann Nyokabi

217 Regina Ngonyo.JPG

Thank you very much to Kenana Knitters for giving women work and for believing in us. I pray for the continued prosperity of the company. 


Regina Ngonyo

My income from Kenana is what my family depends on. I pay school fees, provide food and shelter with my income. I thank God for Kenana Knitters.


Joyce Cherotich 

Kenana has been a great place to work, I have made friends, met women  from other parts of Kenya and even joined self-help groups. I have been able to raise my son while working here and my other children are in school. My husband really likes that I work here at Kenana. He is extremely proud of my work. 


Naomi Wanjiru

 I am so thankful for the opportunity to work at Kenana Knitters and that fact that they didn’t give up on me. I pray that God continues to bless Kenana Knitters so that they may continue helping all the women who work here and those who will come to work here in the future


Loise Wangari 

295 Mary Mugure.JPG

Knitting has been good work for me, I am able to contribute towards the family budget. I am also able to take care of my personal needs.


Mary Mugure 

383 Grace Muchemi.JPG

 The work here is stress free, as women we come here to work, we invest in our small self-help groups, we share our stories and best of all we laugh and are happy. That’s why I like being here.


Grace Muchemi

I want to thank Kenana Knitters for giving me an opportunity to become a knitter. The homeopathic and general health clinics have been a great support for my daughter’s illness. I am able to access treatment and care for my daughter’s epilepsy. I am truly grateful to Kenana Knitters


Martha Wanjira


Veronica Wanjiku

The income I earn from knitting has given me confidence as a woman. I have a steady income and I am able to provide financial support to my husband.

282 Caroline Chepkorir.JPG


Caroline Chepkorir

Kenana has really helped me and my 2 children. I am very thankful for the work that we do here


Emiley Rotich 

Thank you for taking me on as a knitter, I am so grateful for the opportunity for work. I like coming to the workshop and meeting other women as we work and share our stories. I am also grateful that Kenana is able to provide me with my blood pressure medicine through the monthly clinics. 


Miriam Nyokabi

I really thank Kenana for believing in the women, young or old it doesn’t matter. If you are willing to work and produce good work, Kenana will always have a job for you. Many of us are dependent on the income from the knitters for everything.


Monica Chelangat 

My income from knitting has enabled me to uplift my life and that of my family. Asante sana Kenana Knitters and God bless Paddy.


Margaret Lopkoki

Kenana has given me an income that I can truly rely on. I have been able to provide for my children. When we come home from our day at the workshop, our children know that we have earned money that can buy books, pencils among other things. I would never have been able to achieve what I have achieved for my family without Kenana

Stock Records & Knitter 

Peninah Nyambura

Kenana is a great place to work, with a friendly and conducive working and learning environment. I am really happy to be a part of this wonderful team. 


Lydia wanjiru

I like Kenana because it keeps me busy, I am now almost 60years old, I cannot go to dig but I can knit. I really enjoy knitting and I like coming to the workshop to meet with other women. I am able to take care of my needs.


Sarah Njoki

I feel very blessed to have joined Kenana Knitters and I am grateful not just for the work but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing that even my daughters have work.


Rose Nduta

I thank Kenana for taking me on to be a knitter.  My family would not be where it is without your help.


Mary Amuria

‘I thank Kenana Knitters for helping us.


Ann Saimon

Kenana is the place where we come to relax as women. We meet, we laugh and we earn money for our families. We are strong because of Kenana Knitters. Thank you for supporting us.


Lucy Njeri 

I want to thank Kenana for giving me work that I can rely on to feed my family and meet my needs. Since I started working for Kenana I have not had to look for other work to

supplement my income

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